Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Isolated RS-232 Transceiver

When there are high voltage circuits, such as in a high voltage power supply, and you need to control them via an RS-232 interface, it is usually a good idea to isolate the computer from the analog electronics. Here is information about a new isolated RS-232 transceiver that may be of interest.

Claiming title as the industry’s first fully isolated single-package surface mount RS-232 transceiver with integrated dc/dc converter to supply isolated power, the ADM3251E transceiver integrates a line driver, line receiver, oscillator, rectifier, regulator, voltage doubler, voltage inverter, and transformers into a single chip that isolates both the data and power lines on chip. The transceiver incorporates the company’s iCoupler and isoPower isolation technologies to enable a 2.5 kV isolation rating and it complies with industry-standard isolation regulations including UL1577 and DIN VDE 0884-10. Additionally, the ADM3251E comes in a lead-free, 13 mm × 10.56 mm 20-lead WSOIC surface-mount package. Price is $2.99 each/1,000. Analog Devices, Inc., Norwood, MA. (800) 426-2564.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Highly Isolated Power Source

Have you ever had a need for an isolated power source floating at high voltage? If you’ve ever considered a battery, but then quickly rejected that thought because you would need to replace it periodically, here’s a technique that doesn’t require wires, transformer or any other traditional approach.

Advanced Cerametrics has introduced Extreme Life Span Micro Power Supplies that harvest energy from ambient sources of vibration energy to power wireless sensors and other devices…forever. It uses piezoelectrics to generate electricity. For more information see http://www.advancedcerametrics.com/pages/energy_harvesting/. You can also build your own, using piezoelectric materials.